8 Ways to Make Your Recitals and Events Magical

Take Your Recitals to the Next Level

Listen to this and learn how you can take your recitals and events to the next level. Danny Thompson lays out an experience that extends well beyond the stage.

The experience begins from the moment the kids arrive and doesn’t end until they leave. The memories this type of recital creates will last a life time. Talk about giving your customers more than what they expect!



8 Ways to Make Your Recitals Epic

  1. Create a theme for your event. Have students dress up
  2. Rent a photo booth
  3. Buy a $50 popcorn machine. Serve popcorn in a bag
  4. Hire a photographer. Post pics on a smugmug
  5. Hand out glow necklaces and beads
  6. Beach balls on stage. Performers through out into the crowd
  7. Create a professionally designed poster. Set up an autograph signing area for performers.
  8. Buy a karaoke microphone  Contact a local printer to create a decal with your logo to wrap around the box of the microphone. (This will just be a prop) Interview performers (hold a press conference) using the microphone. Ask each performer. 1. What do you love most about playing music? 2. What advise would you give to a friend who wanted to play and perform music but is too afraid to try? 3. Do you want to look into the camera and say hello to your parents? Keep the interview under 60 seconds. Post on social media. Email the link to parents to they can share on social media.


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