How To Transform Recitals During COVID-19 | Ep 95

How to Make Your Recitals Less Boring

Your ability to incorporate video, beyond the music lesson, is a great way to delight your customers and make your competition sweat. In this episode, I interview Nate Terepka of Echo City who has turned the sometimes sleepy recital into more of a long-form 80’s style MTV music show.

Nate’s reimagined the recital for the COVID era. It’s really a disservice to even it call it a recital. Recitals are primarily for friends and family to enjoy. Nate’s use of video and backing tracks turns the recital into entertainment that any music lover would enjoy.

I can only imagine how Nate’s students feel when they watch their final video. These videos create an experience that I’m sure these kids have never had before. Proud parents are probably inspired to share these videos on social media.  Friends are inclined to ask “where did your daughter do this? This is the word of mouth marketing at it’s finest.


How To Generate More Word-of-Mouth For Your Music Studio

The most effective word of mouth marketing isn’t about financial incentives and prizes for referring a friend. There certainly is value in  “Refer a friend and receive $50 off”.  No one’s really motivated by the money. People are more motivated to talk about your studio when you create an experience worth talking about. Nate Terepka creates a completely unexpected, over the top, unique recital experience. Its uniqueness makes for a good story.  Good stories make for social currency. People who have interesting stories to share are perceived as interesting people.  Nate helps his customers be more interesting.


Check Out Echo City Music Video’s here


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