How To Start a Music Teaching Business With Jenny Townsend | Ep 40

Music Studio Start Up

You have to be a musician to successfully open and run a music studio, right? How could you possibly market and sell lessons without a basic knowledge of music and instruction. Jenny Townsend, former real estate agent, grocery store manager and all around super hero did just that. She couldn’t even play Heart and Soul on the piano but she did have plenty of heart and soul and tons of ambition.  How could someone with this background even know how to start a music teaching business?


Jenny saw a need for children in her community. She recognized an opportunity. She had the business smarts and experience to formulate a plan and launch Music Compound in Sarasota Florida. Her studio is only 3 years old but has been in an accelerated growth mode since go.


Music Lessons Leadership

In this episode I speak with Jenny Townsend about her successful business and leadership strategies. Take note as Jenny reveals one nugget  of knowledge after another.


When you’re a one person operation, when all you do is teach and your time is maxed out with with students; growth becomes a challenge. Most studio owners feel growing pains when they bring on a music teacher and they feel pressure to  scale their business. The biggest challenge is finding time since they are still teaching full time.


Jenny Townsend is completely focused on developing her business,  her systems, marketing and creating a great culture and environment for music education in her community. It was pretty apparent to me when I first went to Music Compounds’ website that Jenny’s running a top notch operation.  I had no idea how, how skilled and well-versed she was in business.

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