What Customers Really Think About Your Prices

The Value of Lessons

Some music studios use pricing as a marketing tactic. When I started my music school I made a point to enter the market as the most affordable lessons in town. This approach is a race to the bottom. Both literally and figuratively. People don’t care about the price. They care about the value music lessons adds to their life. They care about how lessons make them feel.

People also don’t care about what your competitors charge. Few ever check. They care about value. They care how your service makes them feel.

Confidence Counts

Price is a statement of your confidence in your product. Confidence in the promise you make, the value you provide and the quality of your product.  If 3 highly recommended painters provide you with three different quotes to paint your house, which painter would you hire?  Who do you feel is most likely to give you the results you desire-the $300, $250 or $200, painter? The key word is ‘desire’.  We are willing to pay more for what we truly desire.

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