How To Raise Your Teaching Rates

How much do private music teachers make? 

I’m frequently asked how much do private music teachers make? How much should I charge for my lessons? Raising your rates for lessons is an emotional yet necessary decision. Rising expenses will eat away at your profits if you don’t consider raising tuition on an annual basis. Customers anticipate these small increases. The electric bill, the lawn guy, dance lessons, summer camp. These costs all rise a little each year.


Rate Increases Are Good for Business

Raising your rates can feel uncomfortable, even painful. A source of anxiety for any business owner. Ask yourself this. Do you feel your families value their lessons? If YES then an increase in tuition is an investment in your customers.  Music lessons make them feel good and happy. $10 or $15 extra a month is worth good and happy. A tuition increase is essential to business growth and survival.  If your business fails your customer loses.


Write a Letter

I raise my rates every January. I announce this increase in a letter that I mail home mid-November. Families are budgeting for Christmas and holiday travel. The thought of an extra $10 in January feels distant and uneventful. Most people read the first paragraph, see “$10 increase”, crumble up the paper and shoot for a 2-pointer. They have bigger financial concerns to occupy their thoughts.


How To Write a Rate Increase Letter

Your tuition increase letter should include these 6 points. Mail this letter home. Envelope-stamp-old school.

  1. Establish value
  2. Empathy
  3. State increase
  4. Why
  5. Added benefit
  6. Gratitude


Rising expenses will eat away at your profits if you don’t consider raising tuition on an annual basis.

Sample Letter

Dear Rock School Parent

Since our start in 2003, Dave Simon’s Rock School has strived to offer fun and engaging programs at an affordable price.  As a parent myself, I know the importance of making every dollar count when it comes to running a household.

Please accept this letter as notification of a slight tuition increase, effective January 1, 2018. This change in tuition is a result of the increased costs of operating the school.

The following are some added benefits that we will implement in 2018

  • Additional make-up class options
  • Free classes
  • Free practice and rehearsal space
  • Additional March performance for Concert Band and All-Star Band
  • Additional features in our student teacher portal Teacher Zone
  • Additional security features in the school
  • Continued development of our teacher training and mentoring program

The gift of music lasts a lifetime. Thank you for choosing Dave Simon’s Rock School as your family’s music school.


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