How Headlines and Email Subjects Can Improve Your Marketing

How Headlines and Email Subjects Enhance The User Experience

Your HEADLINE is like an audition for your ad or email. When someone is scrolling through their inbox or news feed, the decision to stop and read your message is made in 1 or 2 seconds-or LESS!


More reason to make your headline count. You should spend just as much time, if not more, writing your headline as your message.  Your message means nothing if your headline doesn’t stop people in their tracks.


The objective of your headline is to persuade people to simply open your email. Headlines that summarize the message are often not read. 


A headline that raises a question, or sets a readers curiosity on fire, is more likely to get opened. An email that just says “Sign up for fall lessons” will go straight to the trash.


Headlines That Work

Want to get more folks to open your emails? Try these starter phrases for a killer headline.

  1. Find out why…
  2. How to…
  3. 10 reasons why…
  4. Discover the secret to…”

These examples all pose a question. They all build desire and curiosity. They all create tension. They all function like a hanging dominant 7 chord. Unresolved and yearning to return to the tonic (that’s for you music nerds)


I Dare You NOT To Read More

The following are headlines designed to motivate the reader to open the email or read the copy in an advertisement. These headlines make strong statements and big promises. People will feel duped if your copy doesn’t live up to the headline so you gotta make it count.


  1. “Does music really make kids happier”
  2. “How to find the perfect music teacher for your child”
  3.  The real reason why kids hate practicing music
  4. “Discover the secret to getting your child to practice”


Step Up To The Plate

Now that you have your email subject you gotta write some killer copy.  I’ll give it a shot. I’ll write sales copy for the first two headlines. It’s has to be engaging, entertaining or intriguing enough to get the reader to open the email or read the ad. They copy has to gently guide the reader to the offer.


1. Does Music Really Make Kids Happier

All kids love music.  Most kids day-dream about playing music to an adoring crowd. Hair brushes fill in as microphones. Tennis racquets double as guitars.  Music will lead your child down a road towards happiness. A road that leads to a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

Start your child’s musical journey today. $40 OFF lessons


2. How to find the perfect music teacher for your child

The perfect music teacher will help your child discover the thrill of playing an instrument. The perfect music teacher is a mentor and a guide. The perfect music teacher will inspire and motivate your child.  Nobodies perfect but we all can set the bar high. We call can reach for the stars.

Be a star. Be a rock star. Begin playing music today. $40 OFF lessons


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