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How to Market Group Classes

Exciting news! I’m hosting a webinar titled “The Number One Way to Fill Your Group Classes” on July 11th at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time. If you haven’t reserved your spot yet, make sure to do so today. And if you can’t attend live, don’t worry—a replay will be available. Head over to to sign up.


The Secret to Filling Your Group Classes

Did you know that you don’t need paid ads to fill your group classes? I’ve never used ads for mine. The magic happens through phone calls and emails because they allow for real conversations, which are essential for selling group classes. Parents aren’t as familiar with group classes, so a conversation is key to explaining their benefits.


Understanding Parents’ Perspectives

Parents may have preconceived notions about private lessons, often from their own childhood experiences. Use this to your advantage by highlighting how your group class will be different and better for their child. It’s crucial to show parents the value of your group classes to alleviate any perceived risk.


Today’s Podcast Episode: Sales Training

In today’s podcast episode, I’ll be diving into phone sales training specifically for my Kidzrock, Jr. Rockerz, and Piano Jam programs. Since these programs are new and unfamiliar to most parents, selling them requires a bit more finesse. The episode includes a sales role-play with commentary, providing a detailed walkthrough of a scripted sales conversation and explaining the strategies behind it.


Take Notes and Apply the Strategies

Make sure to take notes during the podcast! These sales strategies are effective not only for group classes but also for private lessons. They help build rapport and trust, positioning you as a likable expert and setting the stage for a long-term relationship with new families at your music school.


Why Group Classes Are Different

Selling private lessons is relatively straightforward because parents already see their value. However, group classes require a different sales approach and some refined sales skills. The goal is to convince parents that your group class offers superior benefits compared to private lessons.


Selling the Benefits of Group Classes

Parents want their kids to grow and develop life skills through music. If you can clearly show how your group classes achieve this, they’ll be more inclined to choose them. It’s about demonstrating the limits of private lessons and the unique benefits of group classes.


Addressing Parents’ Concerns

Parents often worry that their children might find music lessons boring or difficult. Address these concerns by explaining how your group classes make learning enjoyable and engaging. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of parents choosing your group programs.


Building Trust and Expertise

To successfully sell programs like Kidzrock, Piano Jam, or Jr. Rockerz, parents need to like you, see you as an expert, and trust you. Start your conversations by building these three elements, and you’ll be well on your way to converting inquiries into enrollments.


A Simple Sales Call Outline

Here’s a simple outline for any sales call: Reveal, Present, Close, Objections (RPCO). Not all calls will have objections, especially those about private lessons. However, be prepared to handle objections when discussing group classes.


Listen to the Sales Presentation

Tune in to today’s podcast episode to hear the start of the sales presentation. Pay attention to how I frame the call and set expectations with the parent, taking charge of the conversation from the beginning.


Remember to sign up for the webinar on July 11th at and learn the number one way to fill your group classes!

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