How To Run Group Music Classes Kids Love with Daniel Patterson | Ep 47

October 24, 2019

Grow Your Music Studio With Group Programs

This episode is my second interview of six interviews that I conducted with music education industry thought leaders.  Today on the show, I sit down with Daniel Patterson of Grow Your Music Studio to talk about his group piano teaching program.


For those of you studios that are looking at offering group lessons or considering it or maybe currently offering group lessons, I think you’ll gain a lot of value from this interview with Daniel.  Also, he’s doing a lot on on Facebook and blogging about marketing for music teachers. He’s a bit of an SEO champion, knows his way around Google AdWords as well. Just a general great marketing mind.


How To Start a Group Music Lessons

If your goal is to have a scalable music teaching business, a business that’s not limited by your time dedicated to teaching, but a music studio that can be limitless in terms of its growth potential.


You have to offer group classes that are as good, if not better than private lessons, better in terms of value.  If you can offer a group program that your customers perceive as high value, you’ve got a winner of a program.


Music Studio By The Numbers

If you compare a music studio that has a hundred students in private lessons and then a music studio that has a hundred students in group classes, the group class studio is much more profitable. Daniel Patterson’s business model is all group classes, so he’s dealing with a very profitable business model. A  teaching business that’s only private lessons is a business that has to focus on high volume, lots and lots of students to make a profit.


You figure 50% of your of a single student in private lessons is going to the teacher and then maybe another,  20 to 30% going to your other fixed costs. It doesn’t really leave you with that much.


If you try group classes and they didn’t work, the problem isn’t the format. The problem is the way the group class was presented. Daniel will share with us in the second half of the show about how you can make your group classes be a win for your students, for the parents and for you. If you have considered offering group classes, the start of 2020 is a great time to roll out a new program. January typically is when most music studios see a little uptick in enrollment. Kids have got their Christmas instruments and they’re ready for music lessons.


About Daniel Patterson

Daniel is a business coach that helps studio owners grow. That could be growing revenue and students, growing margins, growing the quality of their lesson program, or helping the studio owner grow and develop professionally.


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