Kidzrock and Jr Rockerz Licensing

Music studios often have turn away students too young for private lessons. Sorry son, try us when you’re 6. You hate to break the kid’s heart.

Kidzrock and Jr. Rockerz teach kids as young as 4 how to play in a rock band making lessons a destination.  For many of the dozens of studios that have licensed our programs, they have seen their businesses grow by as much as 20%.

Our licensing partners are now able to attract new students, as young as 4. by getting them engaged in an easy-to-implement rock programming.

Kidzrock and Jr. Rockerz helps foster a child’s love of music which ultimately leads many of them into  private lessons.

More students in your studio, more confident in their abilities for a longer period of time, leads to significant bottom line growth for studios that have licensed our programs.