Get More Students With Story Based Marketing: 4th of July Email

July 1, 2019

Get More Students With A Story

I sent this email out on July 3, 2018 (aka last year) and got some great feedback. It woke up some leads can cold and inspired some music school drop outs to re enroll.  Note the tone and the storytelling component. Check out the subject line. It’s designed to build curiosity and inspire the reader to open the email.


Feel free to copy, paste and send to your email list. Email me at to let me know how it performs.


Tip: send it as a text only email through Mail chimp or another email provider. No images or design. Make it real.


The Fourth of July Email


Subject: does this bring back memories?


A smokey breeze of BBQ and Motown fill the air. The whistle and pop of fire crackers keeps the dogs indoors.


It’s the 4th of July!


A cause to take pause and celebrate
What’s missing? The acoustic guitar and Uncle Phil singing “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”!


Every family outing needs a little music. Some sweet melodies and nostalgia.Music always elevates an event-makes it more memorable.


Bring a little music into your family
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