How to Market and Sell Group Music Classes with Sophia Hardesty (Part 3 of 4) | Ep 108

Get More Students in Group Classes 

In episode 3  of this 4 part series, I discuss phone strategies for directing incoming students into group classes. Below is a little phone sales tip to kick off the show.


Music Lessons Sales Tip

I want to share with you a sales tip that I think we all do naturally but could be more mindful of. Listen to your prospective customer as they’re talking on the phone and try to adjust your speaking style to compliment theirs.  So let’s say for example, the person who calls speaks quietly or is a slow speaker. Perhaps they’re extra thoughtful or deliberate with the words they choose.


Listen to Your Customer and Adjust Your Delivery   

Perhaps you’re a fast-paced, caffeinated, high energy speaker. You can make that person feel more comfortable by trying to match them in their vocal delivery. You can adjust your delivery to better match or compliment your customer. You should of course do it in a way that’s authentic.


We all have different styles of speaking. If you’re an animated, energetic or charismatic person, you should have no problem pivoting to a quieter or slower delivery. You can tell within a person’s opening sentence what their vocal delivery is like. This is simply something to be sensitive to.


Perhaps your caller is a high energy and fast-paced speaker and your delivery is quieter or slower. I would encourage you to put a little more giddy-up in your delivery to keep the clip of the conversion at the same pace. You’re a musician so you probably have a good ear for matching tempo.


How to Make the Caller Feel More Comfortable 

The whole purpose of this adjustment in your vocal delivery is to make your caller feel comfortable. By using your ear to pick up on their style and adjusting your delivery you’ll increase the likelihood of your customer feeling a greater sense of connection with you. Sales are made when customers like and trust you. This one little adjustment can help contribute to the likeability factor.

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