Get More Students With a Swing of the Bat | Episode 4

An Easy Way To Get More Students

In this episode I talk about the value of recording yourself on a sales calls. You might be pleasantly surprised at how good you sound. You’ll for sure cringe at times but it’s a lesson learned.


I recorded myself and listened to a series of my sales phone calls. I was thrilled to hear the progress I made over each call.


My voice became both more relaxed and more animated. More like how I really talk. Less salesy.  I also gained new insights on better strategies I could have on the phone.


Over time I was able to make meaningful sales calls in less then 8 minutes. That meant more sales in less time. 


I asked for a volunteer to replicate this exercise and record their sales calls. Alex Hobraft of Footprints Music in Toronto was our lucky volunteer.


In this episode I interview Alex to discuss what he learned from this revealing exercise is sales.

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Intro music: Dusted by Fojimoto

Transition music: Levi Simon (yup my son!)

Outro music: Rain and Revolution by City Breathing


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