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The Business Benefits of Group Classes

Group classes offer significant business benefits. For example, six kids in private lessons mean three hours of payroll, while a single hour-long group class for those same kids requires only one hour of payroll. This makes group classes more profitable and increases your profit margins. Additionally, with limited operating hours in music schools, group classes allow you to serve more students in the same time frame.


Changing Parents’ Perceptions

However, parents often see group classes as a lower-value option compared to private lessons. They want an outcome that helps their child grow and feel better about themselves, and they believe private lessons are the best way to achieve this. If they don’t find the desired results with music lessons, they’ll turn to other activities.


A Marketing Opportunity

This presents a marketing opportunity. Parents worry that their child might not enjoy private lessons or won’t practice, often due to their own experiences. You can address these concerns by showing that your group classes can meet their needs. Repositioning private lessons for committed students and promoting group classes for beginners can help parents see the value in group options.


Effective Sales Strategies for Group Classes

Selling group classes requires a more comprehensive marketing and sales strategy, especially on the phone. When parents call asking for piano lessons, they might push back on the idea of group classes. This webinar will teach you how to effectively market and sell group classes, focusing on phone communication.


Join Our Webinar

Sign up for the event at With music teachers becoming harder to find, now is a great time to revisit and rethink group lessons. More students in group classes will make your business more profitable and reduce the need for a larger staff. I look forward to seeing you on July 11th at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time for my webinar titled “The Number One Way to Fill Your Group Classes.”

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