Exit Interview Questions

October 16, 2017

exit interview questions

Saying farewell to students can be difficult.  It’s a set back for your business but it’s also an opportunity for growth. Not growth in numbers but growth in better understanding your business.  Below is an email I send out to departing students at my music school.

It not only provides me with valuable feedback, but it leaves customers with a positive final impression. An exit interview tells your customers that you care about their experience. It tells them you are not a take-the-money-and-run operation. More importantly, it leaves the door open to the relationship.

This exit interview is short and sweet. A departing customer is not likely to partake in a lengthy exit interview.  The call to action is to simply reply to the email. No external links or survey forms to fill out.

Feel free to copy and paste the email message below and customize for your studio.



Dear [ customer name ]

We will miss seeing [student] each week at [studio name]. We hope [he/she] continues to pursue [his/her] musical skills in some other capacity. We are always trying to improve our program and would appreciate it if you could take a moment to answer these 4 questions.

1. Did you or your child have any negative experiences at [studio name]?

2. Is there anything that we could have done to make your experience at [studio name] more satisfactory?

3. Would you recommend [studio name] to friends?

4. Would you ever consider returning to [studio name]?

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