Do This Before Your Competition Does | Episode 2

It’s Not About You

Implement this one change in your music studio and I promise you’ll get more students.

Stop talking about YOU and start talking about THE CHILD

“We offer the best music lessons”.  Anyone can say that. Your competition probably says, that too.   “We” means YOU.  Prospective customers don’t care about you…yet.  They care about their child and how you can make a difference in their life.

What if you make it less about you and more about the student? I think you’d get more sales.


DON’T Talk Like This

This is how most music studios communicate.

We offer affordable quality music lessons.  Our instructors are highly skilled with years of experience. They all have degrees in music from some of the best universities. Ready to sign up?

Does this sound like you?


Talk Like This

Flip it. Make it all about the child.

We believe that music has the ability to transform a child’s life.  Music lessons that are fun lead to inspired children.  We offer music lessons that allow kids to experience success and accomplishment. Want to enroll?

Your lessons, marketing, systems, recitals, decor, culture, and customer experience should all be an expression of what your core beliefs.

Why did you start a teaching business? How do you hope to impact your students life beyond the music lesson? Discover and define this for yourself.

inspired by Simon Sinek Start with Why


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