Building Your Dream Music School With Jessica Dutton | Episode 33

Why didn’t I think of that!


That was my initial reaction after hearing Greg Hipskind on a recent Music Lesson Business Academy podcast. Greg provides an experience that allows him to win hearts and establish a solid competitive edge.  Greg owns QC Rock Academy (Davenport IA) and introduces his students to, well – rock stars…real ones.


Greg’s takes his students on rock ‘n roll field trips that are both simple, obvious, yet brilliant.  Everyone loves to help kids. Everyone loves the feeling of giving a kid promise and hope. Greg gives rock stars the opportunity to truly make a difference in kids’ lives-HIS students lives.


In the MLBA podcast episode he shares a story of how he ultimately arranged a meet and greet with Matchbox 20 at their sound check. Can you imagine the impact that this moment had on his students? Those kids will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.


It would be tough to compete with Greg in the same market with the type of experience he creates for kids. This rock star outreach positions Greg as a leader in his market by providing an unexpected and over the top experience.


Greg is creating one more reason for kids to stay involved with music and connected to his studio. I’m sure his music lessons are fine. Are they better than the music studio down the street? That’s a hard to measure-it’s a matter of opinion.  


You don’t have to be a rock school to create an opportunity and experience like Greg Hipskind does. You could visit a local radio station so kids could watch their favorite radio personify in action. Perhaps you have a professional symphony orchestra in your city. Contact them to see if you can bring your students out to a rehearsal. It’s all about allowing your kids to see something and experience something that they’ve never seen or experienced before.


Your families will appreciate it  that you’re committed to creating an experience that goes beyond music lessons  I am sure in Greg’s case-all those kids, and their parents who went to that Matchbox 20 soundcheck, told everyone they know about it.


How did Greg Hipskind arrange this ? The answer is obvious. He simply ASKED. That’s all he did. He learned how to get better at asking. When you ask people a question, they’re either going to say yes or they’re going to say no. If you ask enough people, you’ll get eventually a yes.


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