How To Make Your School Run On Autopilot

Take Your Hands Off the Wheel

How many times have time-sensitive tasks taken you by surprise as the clock keeps ticking and your to-do list keeps growing? How many times have you written an email that you’ve probably written dozens of times before?  Mapping out and defining your systems in a simple bullet points format will revolutionize your studio and allow it to run on autopilot.

Map out and automate your to-do-list so your studio can do the heavy lifting. Plug it in, turn it on and pour yourself a drink.


See the Full Picture

When an airplane flies on autopilot the pilot doesn’t kick back and take a nap. Autopilot allows the pilot to have a broader perspective of conditions impacting the flight.

You will gain a broader perspective of your business, and to ultimately deliver a superior service, by teaching your school to run on autopilot.


Tell Your School What to Do

Documented systems will tell your school what to do. Without them, you function like a broken record, barking orders at your business, producing inconsistent and unreliable results. This is a waste of your time.

Your studio operates on a series of reoccurring tasks. Some are obvious and others are more hidden. Take control of these tasks through automation otherwise, they’ll control you.



Document-as-you-go.  A phrase marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk once said. Make note of all reoccurring tasks in your studio. Details for recitals, and procedures as you put them in motion. Document in the moment.  In the moment is where the rubber hits the road; where systems fail or succeed.

Any task, email, procedure or process that you will likely have to implement again should be documented and organized for future reference. Document-as-you-go requires no additional brain power or time. It will save you time and reduce stress levels and increase productivity. You’re always on the go. Just document what you do.


9 Categories of Work To Systematize

1. Recitals and events
2. Customer Care
3. Form Emails
4. Human Resources
5. Marketing
6. Daily Operations
7. Sales
9. Staff Training

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