Why Investing in Yourself is The Best Investment You Can Make | Ep 192

One of the best and easiest things you could do to improve the results from your marketing is to devote 20 or 30 minutes running some “How-to” inquiries on Google.



1. Set Some Time Planning Out Your Next Move

Before you embark on your next marketing venture, or before sending out that next marketing email to your list, set aside some time and go to Google and ask “how to write a persuasive marketing email” or “how to get better results from email marketing”.



2. Know Your Best Practices

Before you post your next content on social media, take a moment and look up “how to get better results from social media for my small business” or “how to get better engagement on social media.”


If you’re employing marketing tactics within your music school and you haven’t really researched the best practices, you’re just taking a shot in the dark. If your approach to social media or if your attitude towards social media is like this, “Well, I’m not really sure why I’m supposed to do this, or why I should do this. Everybody else says that I should be devoting time to promoting my music school on social media. So I’ll just post some stuff”, then you’re taking a shot in the dark. You’re just taking a gamble. You’re rolling the dice hoping that you’ll get some good results, and that’s a waste of time.



3. Messaging Matters

There’s so much great information out there. You don’t have to read books, go on to YouTube, and then run some “How-To” questions. I can’t tell you how many websites I look at, and I tell you, “I look at music school websites all day long.” It’s so apparent to me when the music school owners have some knowledge of effective messaging on a website and whether they don’t.



4. Write a Message that Resonates with Your Customers

It’s pretty apparent when a website is put together from someone who just put their website together because they knew they needed it and they weren’t really sure what to write about. So they just wrote about what they felt seemed obvious to them. They wrote about what was important to them, but what’s important to them isn’t necessarily what’s important to parents.


So then, their messaging fails to resonate. Had they simply gone to Google and typed in “how to make a website for a small business” or “how to write sales copy for my website”, or “how to get more leads through my website”, they could probably come up with a list of more how-to questions.



5. Don’t Wing It

Had they simply done that, they would have access to unlimited information about how to create an effective website that website visitors find attractive and appealing to them. Something that could give a positive impact on their impression of the music school.



6. Don’t Just Hope for the Best

So many music school owners and small business owners, in general, are just winging it. They know they need a website and that they need to run Facebook Ads, so they just do it and they hope for the best. That for sure is a strategy guaranteed to fail.



7. Devote Some Time to Learn

It would be nice to hire a copywriter. Hiring a Facebook ads expert would be awesome, too. Perhaps you don’t have access to those funds, so get a notebook, get on YouTube and Google, and devote some time to just learning a little bit about it.


Being armed with just a little bit of knowledge can make a considerable impact on the results that you get from your marketing.


 8. Strategize Your Next Sales Call

Perhaps when people call your music school, you simply just have a conversation with them and you tell them about your music lessons. There’s really maybe no strategy as to how you conduct that sales call. Missed an opportunity right there. Get onto Google and YouTube and look up “how to conduct a sales call.”



9. Stand Out in a Prospects Inbox

Perhaps people reach out to you and email your school saying they’re interested in lessons. You call them back and you never hear from them again, and you don’t want to be too pushy about following up. You’re not really sure what’s an appropriate amount of follow-up. Well, get on to Google, get on to YouTube, and look up “how to follow-up with leads”, “how to follow-up with cold leads,” “how many times should I contact a lead,” and “how to turn cold leads into warm leads.”



10. Arm Yourself with Knowledge

You don’t have to necessarily be a masterful marketer to get better results from marketing. You just need to be armed with a little bit of knowledge


There are two ways you can approach your marketing. One is going into it blindly, and over time, you will improve your marketing skills and begin to realize what works and doesn’t work well after going through many trials and errors. Another way is you could set aside some time every day, maybe 20 to 30 minutes, to turn to Google and YouTube to discover and absorb the wisdom of the expert marketers who’ve devoted their lives to understanding the psychology of marketing and sales.



11. 1% a Day Could Make a Significant Impact in a Week

Exerting a little bit of effort and devoting a little bit of time to self-education over time, not only with marketing and sales but with business management and leadership as well, can make a significant impact on your music school.


If you make just 1% more of effort a day into arming yourself with the knowledge of business and marketing over time, you’ll notice that it has a significant impact—a significant positive impact on your business.


I’m not talking about an impact that won’t be felt for years but an impact that could be felt within weeks.



12. Investment in Yourself

Once you’re done listening to this podcast, I encourage you to hop onto YouTube or get into Google. Ask a question about a challenge that you face in your music school. Devote just 10 minutes to reading or watching a video about it.


The best investment you can make in yourself and in your business is self-education.




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