Curing the Practice Problem

No Practice No Lessons

Many parents make a deal with their kids. “We’re not going to pay for music lessons unless you practice” In other words, parents will deny their child the emotional and intellectual benefits of music if they don’t practice. Ouch! We’ve developed a simple system to help children fall in love with music and help parents understand what musical success looks like.


Play First Learn Second

Music is a language and children should be taught music the same way they learn a language. By listening, imitating and speaking. Once a child can speak they can then learn the rules of reading and writing. Most kids are taught the rules of music before they can even speak music. That’s no fun. Our motto is “play first, learn second”. So what does this look like? It’s experiential learning providing a child instant access to playing music. The sooner a child can create music the sooner they’ll feel successful. This helps build a child’s confidence which makes them eager to learn more.


Your Musical Child

Our program “Your Musical Child: Curing the Practice Problem” breaks musical growth down into 3 levels creating a simple and comprehensive track. Practice is not a requirement. Practice is a goal in of itself.  Practice must stem from a child’s desire to grow.


Explaining the Cure to Your Customers

Below is a script you can use to explain this simple remedy. Make a video of yourself explaining “Your Musical Child” and share with your families. It will get them to rethink practice and more importantly the value of staying at your studio even if their child doesn’t practice.


Hi, I’m (name) owner of (studio name). I’d like to take a moment to talk about what we call the practice problem.  

All kids love music but not all kids love music lessons. In fact, many kids dread the thought of practicing. You would think kids would be eager and excited to play music. They actually are until they show up to their first lesson, open up a book, and come to the conclusion that music is going to be hard work and no fun.

Being good at playing an instrument requires patience, discipline, and commitment. Being able to simply experience the thrill of playing music can be achieved within minutes. That thrill will ignite a child’s desire to grow.

We’ve implemented a simple system called “Your Musical Child: Curing the Practice Problem” Our program breaks musical growth down into 3 levels creating a simple and comprehensive track for your child.  The practice problem stems from educators and parents introducing the expectation of practice before a child has established a basic belief in his or her abilities.

Music will enhance and transform your child’s life. We’ve all read the scientific proof on the emotional and mental health benefits of music. It’s all true. We deny children these benefits if we pressure them to practice. Let them lead the way when it comes to at home play. Instead of asking your child if they’ve practiced today; Ask them to play you a song. They’ll be thrilled to have you as an audience.

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