How to Market Your Music Studio During COVID-19 | Ep 83

How To Get More Music Students During COVID

You’ve done the big online pivot from physical to virtual.  Now your marketing and messaging should follow. It all begins with dialing in a message that resonates with parents. Your customers have a new set of challenges during COVID-19 and your marketing should speak directly to those challenges.


The World Has Changed and So Have Your Customers

In March your customers were interested in their children being better and happier people. Now your parents are worried about their children’s mental and emotional health. They’re worried about the isolation their child is experiencing. Happier and better is for another day. Safe, secure, and connected is the order of the day.


Embrace This New Reality

As COVID-19 drags on music studio owners have to face a difficult reality. That reality being, that this is not just a temporary setback. It’s not enough to remain in a holding pattern and waiting for a magical cure for the virus to go away. Sure there’s plenty of room for hope and we all have faith in the science and medical community that they will eventually get this problem under control. In the interim, it’s prudent to fully embrace this reality, which means not only pivoting within your business but also reinvent your business. 

Create New Streams of Revenue for Your Music Studio

Two things worth looking at are how can you reinvent yourself now, and turn that reinvention into a permanent part of your music teaching business. Is it possible to create a new wing of your business, a virtual wing, and make it a permanent fixture? Is it possible that this challenging time creates an opportunity for you to generate additional streams of revenue? 


Why You Need To Better Understand Your Customer

Any great music studio is tuned in to their customers wants needs and fears. Now more than ever, your music studio should invest time to better understanding where your customer is at. Your music studio needs to better understand your customer’s mindset during this moment a crisis. by better understanding your customer’s emotional state you can better serve them. You’re messaging can shift to speak directly to where they are at. Not only your messaging but your services as well.


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