Conversational Marketing for Music Studios | Ep 48

Conversational Marketing and  Your Music Studio

Conversational marketing is marketing that’s simply trying to engage your market in…well a conversation.  I want to share with you an email that I recently wrote that I think is a good example of conversational marketing. This email is for my Jr Rockerz partners.  Jr Rockerz is a program that I license for ages 7-11.  This email is for my licensing partners to send out to their current customers, inactive students or prospective students It’s a way for them to see what level of interest might exist in their community for the program. 


Music Studio Email Writing Strategy

But first I want to share with you an email writing strategy that I use for most of my emails.  I focus on the subject of my emails.  The subject is where the reader decides whether they’re going to delete the email or open it.  So I try to create some type of curiosity gap.  I try to make some statement that’s going to spark the reader’s imagination or make them so curious that they feel compelled to open the email.  For example, an email subject that reads “How to get rich without leaving your bed” creates a curiosity gap.  It’s an irresistible subject.  Who wouldn’t open that email?! Obviously your email has to deliver on the promise of the subject.  Flashy subjects with empty messages are a major buzzkill.  No one wants to feel duped or tricked.  


A Little Shock and Awe

The next thing I do is put a lot of emphasis on the very first sentence of the email. I often like to say something that’s a little unexpected, maybe even shocking.  Perhaps open with a sentence that continues to build on the curiosity of the email subject.   If you can hook them with that first sentence, you’ve got a good shot of getting them to read the whole email. Getting people to read your entire email is a real challenge. How many emails do you read from start to finish?


I try to keep my emails really short, really lean; maybe two or three paragraphs long.  I typically make the body of the email a story or provide some insight, maybe add some humor. Humor is a great way to keep people engaged. At the end of the email, there’s always some call to action. Now in a hard-selling sales email that call to action is going to be maybe a “click here to enroll” or “Start playing today”. If I’m taking a conversational marketing approach the call to action is going to be a question. A question that elicits a yes or no reply. 


Jr Rockerz Email


Subject (all lower case) I thought Billy might enjoy this


Us music teachers do things backward. Backward compared to other activities. (sports, dance, karate etc) We start kids off in private lessons instead of joining a team. 


Little Susie joins a hip-hop or gymnastics class first.  Maybe a private coach for later if she really wants to get good. Not us music teachers. We do things backward.


What if we reversed it? 
What if kids got to learn music in a band first and lessons later?


I think more kids would love playing music. 
I think fewer kids would quit.
I think more kids would feel successful 


In January we’re rolling out a new program we purchased called Jr. Rockerz. It teaches young kids how to play and perform in a real rock band. The social setting of the group creates community and emphasizes teamwork. Jr Rockerz makes playing an instrument fun and easy.


Does this sound like something Billy would enjoy?


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