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Beat the Competition 


Some music school’s in the Facebook group have expressed concern about School of Rock and/or Bach to Rock in their market. How do you compete with a franchise that has deep pockets and expert marketers?


Think again my friend. 


I just checked out School of Rock and Bach to Rock’s websites. Both websites fail to adhere to some basic design and messaging principles.


Playground Warfare

B2R says they’re “America’s Music school” I don’t know what that means. SOR says they’re “The Most Revolutionary Music School in the World”. I don’t know what that means either. It’s clearly a response to B2R.  What’s next “The Most Radical Super Power Music School in the Galaxy”?


I’m Better Than You Are

These messages don’t resonate with parents. This a battle of corporate egos. “We’re the best in america. Oh yeah…well, we’re the best in the world”.


Mom’s could care less about this petty bickering. Sounds to me like these franchises could care less about moms. Ok, maybe that was harsh. They probably are just out of touch with moms. Of course they are. They don’t talk to the moms. This is where you can get your edge 


What Moms Really Want

Mom’s aren’t looking for revolutionary music lessons. They’re looking for music lessons that will make their child happy. They’re looking for music lessons that will help their child grow and experience accomplishment. 


Now is the time to make a move if either of these franchises are in your market. While they’re locking horns you can launch a sneak attack as the music school that cares about kids and your community. You can be (and are) the music studio that understands and empathizes with moms. Mom’s don’t have to call a 1-800 and wait on hold for 30 minutes to contact you. They can just walk into your door and express their concerns, hopes and dreams. You’re all ears.


Now Is Your Chance

Your market doesn’t care who claims to be the best. All they care about is which music school is going to make their child happy. Which school is going to enhance their child’s life. The answer is YOU! Now is your chance to be the school they are looking for. Get to it.


Make your message all about the customer and the benefit you provide. you have to deliver on your message-on your promise. You have to obsess on making good on your promise. Saying your lessons are fun is great! but what are you doing to make them fun? That’s the real challenge. Make “fun” come to life.


Out flank these franchises. Make your move before they figure out the value of focusing on the customer. The customer is the hero in the story. Not the music school. The music school is their to serve the student and help make their dreams come true.

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