Coaching With Dave Simon

60-Minute Marketing Program

If your website doesn’t have a message that resonates with visitors they’re likely to click the “back” arrow and hop on over to your competitors website (gasp!)

You need a message that makes prospective customers think “Now THIS is what I’m looking for”.  I can help you dial in a message that will inspire people to act; to click that “enroll now” button on your website.

I’m offering a one-time 60-minute private coaching Zoom call that will help you discover and articulate your unique story so your website, email and phone scripts motivate people to take action.  

We’ll work through a series of questions and exercises that will help see your business in a whole new light. We’ll then take this data to begin establishing the sales language for all of your marketing collateral.

Success Stories

This is like therapy for my business!

~Anita Goldberg (Music Masters, San Antonio)

The knowledge that Dave shared was very helpful. His insights are valuable in terms of helping studios grow

~ Adam Block (Block Academy Music, Sacramento)

Money Back Guarantee

I’ll refund you all of your money if you aren’t 100% satisfied after 20 minutes into the coaching session.

Cost $175 (40% off for Kidzrock/Jr Rockerz partners)


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