Music Studio Mastery

Music Studio Coaching Program

If you’re like me you opened your teaching studio out of a love for music. The moment you hire that first instructor everything changes. You’re no longer just a music teacher-you’re the head of an organization.


Your organization needs vision, leadership, systems, and marketing to put it all into motion. The problem is most of us music folk never learned about any of this business stuff.  


Music Studio Mastery is a small group coaching program that wil help you develop and sharpen your leadership, business, and marketing skills. Your problems, challenges, and stressors are shared by other music studio owners. The collective experiences, knowledge, and wisdom of the group can help you take your studio to the next level


I feel like I finally know the direction I want to take all my marketing copy. Thanks, Dave! This is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss – Dave gives you the HOW and not just the WHY

~ Kristin Humbard (Oconee Music, Athens GA)


New Group Forming Thursdays 1:00 PM EST

Group Coaching

About Music Studio Mastery

Are you ready to learn, take action and grow? We’ll go through every facet of running a music studio and explore ways to make improvements that will lead to growth and better management of your business.  I’ll serve as moderator and Chief Officer of Accountability because let’s face it, accountability keeps us focused,  motivated and moving closer to our goals.


How it Works

MSM meets twice a month for hour-long zoom calls. You will be placed in a small group of 10 or less motivated studio owners. The program includes bonus materials, and worksheets. You just have to show up and (here comes the hard part) put into action what you learn.


Clarifying our message has been immensely helpful. Lots of value here. highly recommended and we’re only a few weeks in

~ Eric Bourassa,(Fort Worth Guitar Academy, (Fort Worth TX)


The knowledge that Dave shared was very helpful. His insights are valuable in terms of helping studios grow

~ Adam Block (Block Academy Music, Sacramento CA)


Watch these testimonial videos from Kelly Yore and Mark Ballard

Your Investment

$93 monthly

$15 off for Kidzrock partners

$25 off if you license both Kidzrock and Jr. Rockerz



Success Stories

This is like therapy for my business!

~Anita Goldberg (Music Masters, San Antonio TX)


I paid for the amount of the coaching call 10x’s Over

~Kelly Yore (In Rhythm Studio, Richlands NC)


Contact Dave. Spend the dough. You won’t regret it.

~Mark Ballard (KC Music Academy)