How I Made 30K by Changing My Policies | Episode 12

March 29, 2019

Policies Are Meant To Be Broken

In 2009 my music studio was in more trouble then I wanted to admit. The recession was doing a number on my business.  Parents lost jobs.  My music students dropped out and weren’t being replaced. Panic was in the air.


One day I received a phone call from a mom to inform me she was pulling her 12 and 14 year-old from lessons. The next phone call was from a mom with 5 year-old twins. “Do you offer guitar lessons for 5 year-olds?” No we don’t.  We always enforced this policy. We all know the outcome when you put kids this young into private lessons. Sometimes the results are OK-usually not.


Something was wrong with this model.


So what was I to do?  I was purging students.  I had no choice but to get creative and try something different, something radical.


In this episode of Music Lessons and Marketing I discuss how I infused my studio with $30,000 of new revenue.


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