How To Run a Music Winter Break Camp

Blog Entry - October 23, 2017

Winter Break and Black Friday camps are a great way to generate some year-end revenue. Camp is an appealing offer to prospective students since they only have to commit for a few days as opposed a month or semester.  The content below is from the Kidzrock Operations Manual. It maps out how to operate a … Continue reading “How To Run a Music Winter Break Camp”

Recitals Are a Marketing Opportunity

Blog Entry - October 17, 2017

Below is an email I sent out to my studio after a successful concert featuring 9 Kidzrock bands. (Over 40 students!) The day after a show is the perfect time to get referrals in motion. Both parents and students emotions are elevated after a concert or recital. There is a post-recital buzz that lingers in a studio for … Continue reading “Recitals Are a Marketing Opportunity”

Exit Interview For Music Students

Blog Entry - October 16, 2017

A Short Exit Interview For Your Music Students Saying farewell to students can be difficult.  It’s a setback for your business but it’s also an opportunity for growth. Not growth in numbers but growth in better understanding your business.  Below is an email I send out to departing students at my music school.   It … Continue reading “Exit Interview For Music Students”

Build Your Dream Music Lesson Business

Blog Entry - October 1, 2017

 The Music Lesson Business Academy is for studios committed to learning more about marketing and business. MLBA was created by music school owner and business expert Danny Thompson. It’s a 10-module course designed to help business owners and teachers grow their business and fine-tune their marketing skills. Free Stuff I encourage you to download the free … Continue reading “Build Your Dream Music Lesson Business”

30-Minute Music Lessons vs 60-Minute Music Lessons

Blog Entry - September 25, 2017

Increase Profits With 60-Minute Music Lessons Most music studios offer either 30 minute or hour long lessons. These two lesson types each make for a completely different experience.  Younger children with shorter attention spans are better suited for 30-minute lessons.  Older children tend to be better at focusing,  listening and sticking to a single task … Continue reading “30-Minute Music Lessons vs 60-Minute Music Lessons”