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Can You Imagine Teaching Music With No Knowledge of Music?

Can you imagine teaching music lessons with little to no knowledge of playing an instrument? Your ability to follow instructions might allow you to navigate through parts of a method book. Imagine how stressful it would be? Imagine the lack of confidence you would feel teaching something that you don’t really have a basic understanding of.


I’m sure we all can agree that teaching music lessons with little to no knowledge of how to play an instrument would be a less than ideal situation.


Can You Imagine Starting a Music School With No Knowledge of Business? 

Can you imagine starting a music teaching business without any knowledge of business? Without any knowledge of marketing or experience in leading an organization and managing employees?  I don’t have to imagine it. I lived it. I started my music teaching business with zero experience or knowledge of the basic functions of a business.  My business suffered because of it. My business systems were a mess. They were practically non-existent. I made them up on the fly. My business systems lived in my head and I seemed to reinvent them on a daily basis. I felt uncomfortable and unqualified to manage my teachers and office staff. Hanging posters in coffee shops and record stores-that was the extent of my marketing plan. Money flew in and money flew out of my bank account without any budget or financial controls. I was as qualified to run a business as a non-musician is to teach music lessons.


Don’t Make This Mistake in  Your Music School

I studied music and English in college. I didn’t take any business courses or even read any books about business prior to opening my music school. Music lessons have always been and will always be high in demand. This high demand made it relatively easy to build up a music school with 100 or so students. It became self-evident that I was going to need to learn about business, marketing, leadership, and finances in order to take my business to the next level. It became self-evident that I needed to develop these skills to simply better manage my music school in its current state. It became self-evident that I needed to learn these skills for the sake of my mental, emotional and physical health. The stress of running my school with only 100 students was running me into the ground.


How to Minimize the Stress of Running a Music School

Can you relate to my story? Did you start your music school with little to no knowledge of business, leadership, financial management and marketing? Can you relate to the stress and the feeling of overwhelm that I struggled with? The administrative structure of my music school felt chaotic and out of control at times. I felt like I was commanding a ship floating out to sea but taking in water at the same time. I felt like I was in a constant state of crisis management. I know this sounds a little melodramatic but it was intense. I secretly wished people would stop calling about music lessons so I could stand back and rein my business in.


Build a Music School

This Guy Built a Music School with 2,000 Students 

What I ultimately did was frantically read every book I could get a hold of about business and marketing. After years of reading, learning and really learning the hard way, I developed the skills I wish I had prior to launching my music school. I wish I had a person in my life like my guest on the show today mentoring and teaching me all the skills I’d need to lead, manage, market and maintain a music school.  Jonny Wilson operated a music school in New Zealand with over 2,000 students. That’s right. 2,000 students you have to manage plus the 3,000-4,000 parents you have to deal with.


An Easy Way to Grow Your Music School

Clearly, Jonny Willson has good command and knowledge of business to achieve this level of success.  His secret to success clearly isn’t luck. I’ll tell you what his secret is. Knowledge and creativity. The good news is that Jonny now shares all of his business secrets, strategies and systems in his online course called Build a Music School. Perhaps you’ve heard music school owners singing his praises on social media. Someone recently asked about Jonny’s Build a Music School program (also known as BAM) in the Music Lessons and Marketing Facebook group. So many people came forward with stories of success and satisfaction with this program.


Good Music Lessons Isn’t Enough

I had tried another music school growth program that was a massive disappointment. I spent a lot of money and got little results. I was super skeptical going into Jonny’s program but man, does he deliver. His BAM program deals with every aspect of running a music school. He addresses aspects of a teaching business that I hadn’t even considered putting thought into. He offers practical and creative strategies for attracting students, and keeping students. He reveals his secret sauce as to how he built a music school from 0-2000. 2000 students sounds!


Don’t Waste Years Like I Did

Amazing. I’m sure Jonny’s school offered good music lessons. Good music lessons aren’t enough. If you want to operate a profitable music school that will afford you a stress-free lifestyle, you’re going to have to look beyond the music lesson to accomplish this. You can do what I did. Spend months, really years reading books to learn the fundamentals of business. Or you could invest in a program like Build a Music School.


An Offer Just for You

Jonny has put together a generous offer for listeners of this podcast. You can now sign up for a 7 day free trial of his Build a Music School program. Even if you decide not to sign up after the 7 days, you should at least walk away with some amazing insights and strategies to your music school. What I encourage you to do to sign up for free. Get your notebook out, skim through the program and learn as much as you can and then decide if you want to invest in your business, in yourself, in your future. You can visit to sign up for your 7-day trial. Once again


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