How I Built a Music School With 2,000 Students With Jonny Wilson Part II | EP 140

How to Build and Grow a Music School

In part I of How I Built a Music School With 2,000 students, Jonny Wilson (BAM) discussed how leadership is a skill that can be learned.  That leadership isn’t necessarily about telling people what to do and barking orders, but leadership is about empowering people and, as Jonny said, leaving people better off than when you initially found them.


Learning to Be a Music School Business Leader

Leadership is something that a lot of music school owners struggle with. It can be uncomfortable at times, but your music school needs a strong and firm leader. Your music school needs you to formulate a vision and to articulate that vision with your employees and your customers. And yes, leadership sometimes requires that you have tough conversations with employees and make tough decisions for your business.


Those tough conversations that you have with employees ultimately are helping them out. It’s an opportunity for them to grow as a person and making tough decisions about your business is often what’s required to get your music school to the next level.


Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue For Your Music School

In the last episode, we discuss the value of implementing multiple streams of revenue in his music school. In the second half of our conversation the importance of just simply reaching out to people for help, reaching out to people that are further along down the road than you, people that have knowledge that you want and asking them for help, asking them for their time.


Seeking Out a Mentor

How would you feel if some young kid came up to you and said that they wanted to start a martial arts studio, and they noticed that you’ve been in business for 10 or so years and clearly your music school is successful? I mean, this person wouldn’t pose a competitive threat to you. And wouldn’t you be honored, wouldn’t you be flattered that somebody wanted to take you out for coffee for an hour and just pick your brain? And that’s exactly what Jonny did.


Self-Education is Key to Growth

The lesson we can all learn from Jonny Wilson is the importance of self-education. Self-education when it comes to business because most of us don’t know that much if anything, about business when we started our music schools. The importance of identifying people in your community that has the knowledge that can help you out and reach out to them, ask them. Like I said in episode one, Jonny has made a very generous offer to listeners of this podcast that you can try out his Build a Music School program for free. Well, he’s offering a free seven-day trial. And in his program, he covers everything from marketing, leadership, customer experience, managing your money, empowering your team, really every aspect that you can think of when it comes to running a music school.


Free Stuff

Click here to sign up for a 7-day free trial of Build a Music School

Download a free copy of Jonny’s 136 Ways to Attract New Students


Music Lessons Marketing Tip

Next time a customer asks “How much do your lessons cost?” Don’t say this, “Our lessons cost $150 a month.” Instead, try this, “your monthly investment would be $150”. A cost is an expense, it’s money you have to part with. An investment leads to a gain. An investment leads to a desirable outcome. No one wants to part with money but everyone’s willing to invest in a brighter future.

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