How To Get More Music Students Through Branding With Judy Glik | Episode 24

Branding Vs. Marketing?

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

~Jeff Bezos


Successful marketing is marketing that grabs peoples attention, sparks curiosity and stirs up desire. So much so-that people feel compelled to take action. And take action right now.


So how do you get people to act-To sign up for your music lessons? Social media, direct mail, email marketing, SEO, yard signs?


Overwhelmed By Marketing and Branding?

So many tools. So many tactics. So many expert opinions. It’s  overwhelming at times. Before you start investing time and money on your social media and advertising, focus on where social media directs internet traffic.  A Facebook ad is just an invitation. Your website is the final destination-the main attraction.  If your website fails to serve up a message that connects with website visitors-the money you spent to get that click, will be a total loss.


Sure you want your website to look good and to look appealing but good looks only get you so far. The message, the promise, the story you tell on your website is how sales are made. At the end of the day sales are made with words.


The right words will trigger the right emotions and give you the results you want.


Can You Write A Hit Song?

The foundation of your marketing strategy is words. Just like the foundation of any great music group is songs. Why don’t record labels sign any good looking bands that can play well and sounds decent. It’s always the same reason. “We love the live act. But the songs aren’t there yet. We don’t hear any hits”


You need to be able to write sales copy that’s going to be hit.

One-On-One Coaching 

I can help you craft that message for your website. I’ve helped over dozens of schools with their wording, or sales copy on their websites. I can help you!


I’m now offering listeners of this podcast a one-one-one coaching call. I’ll teach you the how to write a message that will resonate with your market and motive website visitors to take action.  As one studio owner said “it’s like therapy for my business” A person goes into therapy for transformation and growth. Send your studio to therapy so you can transform and grow your business. I’d love to help you get there.




Today’s Guest: Branding Expert Judy Glik

[The following are all HIGH VALUE quotes from Judy]

Branding is understanding how a brand exists in the minds of the user and bringing it to life. People think this is merely a logo and the supporting design, but it’s obviously much more.  An analogy to music is how a musician looks at notes on a page into something emotionally compelling and experiential beyond just the visual sense.


Understanding the emotions and the stories that go around their experience with your brand, you can make your brand more memorable and impactful. So it’s all about storytelling.


Storytelling Leads to Connection

When you give the facts or statistics, on any brand they kind of go in one ear and out the other ear. When we hear stories about someone’s connection with the teacher or music… those are the stories that will resonate with people listening to your marketing message. So more than facts and figures, it’s storytelling that helps you connect with people and communicate your essence of why you’re different and what your niches.


You really need to edit the (your) message down. You hear about the proverbial elevator speech, right?…you want it to be something that you can say in one or two sentences. And someone says, tell me more. So how do you boil down your unique advantage as a teacher, as a studio, as and architect, as an interior designer that makes people say, I want to work with this person, or tell me more about why I should work with you.


 Kids Opinions Matter

Those teachers that are really great in school are the ones that understand, they meet your kid where they are… and what’s really cool is when a teacher or a studio is positioned in a way that the kids want to go there because they speak to the kids as if the kids opinion matters.


If you connect with their (the customers) story, that’s the only way they’re going to want to engage with you. So meeting them where they are and as parents, sometimes we are focused on the fact that they throw their towels on the floor, but some these special teachers are the ones that see your kid if who they are, who they can be, and they meet them at that level. And it really works beautifully when they understand your kid’s story, where they are in a mature way.


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