Why you might be boring your customers

Blog Entry - October 2, 2018

A Prospective student calls Do you tell them all about your studio? What do you say? Do you tell them all about your teachers, their qualifications and degrees? Is your message “we’re great”?   Do you just wing it on the phone and rely on your improv skills? What would happen if you flipped it? … Continue reading “Why you might be boring your customers”

How to Compete Against a Music Franchise

Blog Entry - October 1, 2018

Do you have a School of Rock or Bach to Rock in your market? Perhaps your local Guitar Center or Sam Ash is now offering music lessons. Music education franchises are a relatively new and on the move phenomenon. The mom-and-pop music-shop can’t rely on homegrown charm and hometown loyalty.  You have to learn how … Continue reading “How to Compete Against a Music Franchise”

What Signals Does Your Studio Send?

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Static Free An exotic rainforest frog displays its bright colors in plain view. It’s a strategy for survival. A SIGNAL to its preditors that its flesh contains a deadly poison. Others camouflage.   A gazelle frantically bounces in place. A SIGNAL to the predator of its good health and speed. A signal that a chase … Continue reading “What Signals Does Your Studio Send?”

Drunk Email

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A Drunken Night-A Happy Ending Jon Buchan was in trouble. He couldn’t make payroll for his struggling business. A night out drinking was in order. What else is a broke entrepreneur with only a pocket full of change to do?   The story gets better-possibly worse. Mr. Buchan wrote an email that night to send … Continue reading “Drunk Email”

What Customers Really Think About Your Prices

Blog Entry - September 27, 2018

The Value of Lessons Some music studios use pricing as a marketing tactic. When I started my music school I made a point to enter the market as the most affordable lessons in town. This approach is a race to the bottom. Both literally and figuratively. People don’t care about the price. They care about the … Continue reading “What Customers Really Think About Your Prices”