Language That Leads to Sales

Blog Entry - July 18, 2018

I make it a point to express HOPE and PURPOSE when talking to a parent of a prospective student.  The HOPE I express is my hope for how their child will benefit from my music lessons.  The PURPOSE I express is the goal or function of my programs.  HOPE builds trust.  PURPOSE implies expertise.   You’re in … Continue reading “Language That Leads to Sales”

How I Made $50K in Summer Camp: Part II

Blog Entry - June 26, 2018

My summer camp is based on rock bands but all these concepts discussed in this blog can apply to any music camp.  Swap out the word “rock band” with the word “group”.  You should have no problem integrating these ideas into your own camp.  You will create a triple threat if your camp puts on … Continue reading “How I Made $50K in Summer Camp: Part II”

What Music Schools Can Learn From Hollywood

Blog Entry - May 7, 2018

Pitching Your Story I ran into in my friend Rich last night at a party.  He said he has a kid and has been meaning to contact my school for lessons.  I’ve had people say this to me before.  They usually aren’t that serious.  It’s a nice conversation starter. This was a great opportunity to deploy … Continue reading “What Music Schools Can Learn From Hollywood”

10 Websites Studio Owner Should Know

Blog Entry - May 2, 2018

You don’t need to join a marketing program or hire a consultant. Tim Topham, Daniel Patterson, Shane Nicholas, Danny Thompson, Chris Bates and Tyler Marlof (to name a few) are committed to helping owners grow their business’ for free. What inspired you to open a music lessons business? Most likely it was your love of … Continue reading “10 Websites Studio Owner Should Know”

The Number One Sales Tool

Blog Entry - April 30, 2018

  All statements you make during a sales call either pushes a prospective customer away or draws them in. I started a music school in 2003 because I enjoyed teaching music.  I only had one problem.  I didn’t have any students.  I made a flyer with phone number tags and hung it in a coffee … Continue reading “The Number One Sales Tool”