How Pop Culture Impacts Your Music School

Blog Entry - March 1, 2018

Understanding pop culture can allow you to meet market needs as they’re happening in real time. Knowledge of pop culture enables you to anticipate shifting trends and identify new opportunities. In 2003 rock ‘n’ roll was alive and well. Nostalgia for Nirvana filled our hearts and alternative rock was a twentieth-century holdout. I launched my … Continue reading “How Pop Culture Impacts Your Music School”

Turning Prospects Into Customers

Blog Entry - February 23, 2018

To enroll or not to enroll? It’s an emotional decision full of hopes and fear for the parent of a prospective student.  A parent hopes that their child will love playing music but often fear that they will hate music lessons and want to quit. This fear often originates from the parent’s memory of not … Continue reading “Turning Prospects Into Customers”

The Practice Problem: Part I

Blog Entry - February 22, 2018

The Practice Problem I conducted a survey asking parents three questions pertaining to their attitudes and expectations of music lessons in relation to other enrichment activities (i.e. team sports, karate, and dance). What I learned is that parents judge their child’s success in music with different criteria than all other enrichment activities. What I learned … Continue reading “The Practice Problem: Part I”

How To Make Your School Run On Autopilot

Blog Entry - February 1, 2018

Take Your Hands Off the Wheel How many times have time-sensitive tasks taken you by surprise as the clock keeps ticking and your to-do list keeps growing? How many times have you written an email that you’ve probably written dozens of times before?  Mapping out and defining your systems in a simple bullet points format will revolutionize … Continue reading “How To Make Your School Run On Autopilot”

What Promise Does Your Studio Make

Blog Entry - January 3, 2018

How is your music studio unique? What promise does your school make? What will a child gain by learning at your studio? These are all questions you must answer in your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is the guarantee you make to your customers. It is expressed and summarized in your slogan or tagline. … Continue reading “What Promise Does Your Studio Make”