your website is a billboard

Your Personal Billboard

How long does a highway driver have to look at a billboard? 2-3 seconds? How long do you have to convey your message on your website as digital traffic speeds by? The basic design principles of billboards apply to websites.  Simple, clear and direct. All in a split second.


Clear and Compelling

Most visitors aren’t interested in hanging out on your website.  They’re on the move with more websites to visit, blogs to read and social media to check.  They’ll hit the breaks if you can present a clear and compelling message-simple and attractive. The above-the-fold section of your website serves the exact function of a billboard.  It’s not to provide information. It’s an invitation to engage with your business.


Simple Secret Formula

Follow these 3 simple steps on your homepage and you’ll be well on your way to attracting more customers.

  1. Strong image
  2. Clear and simple message
  3. Call-to-action button that guides leads to a 3 question form. (1. Name 2.Phone 3. Email)


Websites That Work

Take a look at these music school’s websites. I don’t know their sales numbers (except for the last one) but I bet they’re impressive.  Just look at the top section (above-the-fold)

  1. The Music Factory
  2. Bravo Music Academy
  3. Music Compound
  4. Dave Simon’s Rock School 


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