5 Limiting Beliefs That Could be Hurting Your Music School | EP 228

Overcoming Common Challenges for Music School Owners

In this episode, I share the five most common limiting beliefs among music school owners, along with their rankings from a recent Facebook poll I conducted in the Music Lessons and Marketing Facebook Group.



1. I’m Not Good at Business

There are different parts to running a business, like paperwork and planning where the school is going. While handling daily tasks might not be fun, thinking about where you want the school to go can be more satisfying and important for success in the long run.


Think about how much money you want your music school to make and what you need to do to get there. Split your school into two parts: what needs to be done every day and thinking about where you want to take the school. If you’re someone who likes to come up with ideas, focusing on where you want the school to go might be more interesting. Let someone else handle the everyday tasks so you have time to plan and grow.



2. I Can’t Afford an Assistant 

Getting a virtual assistant can help with office tasks, even if you’re tight on money. If you can’t afford one, figure out what tasks they’ll do and find other people who can help, like teachers or students.


Having an assistant lets you focus on planning and growing your school, which are really important for making it bigger. Don’t worry too much about giving tasks to others; just focus on the ones that will help your school grow.


Handling bills and office tasks important, but it won’t make your school get bigger. If you do hire an assistant, make sure you’ve got a good plan for promoting your school. Giving tasks to others takes time and trust, but it’s key to making your music school grow.



3. I’m Not Good With Technology

If you’re not good with technology, that’s alright. You don’t need to be an expert. One way to start is by looking for tools that can help with running your business smoother. You can search for things like “best tools for business” or “top apps for managing a business.”


Another option is to ask someone else, like an assistant, to find and suggest digital tools to make your business run better. These tools might include a CRM or software to manage projects and staff.


Try to find tools that can save time on tasks and think about using AI tools for marketing and creating content. You don’t have to be the one using these tools yourself. You can hire someone to do the research and set them up, so you can focus on more important things. Your time is valuable, so investing a bit of money in getting help with tasks like research and admin work is a smart move in the long run.



4. I Don’t Know Where to Begin With Marketing

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with marketing because there’s so much to learn. Here’s an easy plan: spend just five to 10 minutes a day for a week or two watching short videos on YouTube about marketing basics. Look for topics like “how to promote my small business” or “what is marketing.” These videos are usually quick, only about 30 seconds to a couple of minutes long, and they give you a good idea about marketing and how to get better at it.



5. Lack of Time for Marketing

Marketing isn’t just ads; it’s everything that makes your music school look good. With this basic knowledge, you can start planning how to promote your school. List different ways to promote, like events or online ads, and pick the ones that match your goals.


Try one method at a time for 60 to 90 days to see if it works. Stick to each plan fully. If it doesn’t work, don’t blame the method; figure out how to make it better. If you’re too busy for marketing, focus on planning and let others do the work. This way, you can grow your music school while leading it effectively.

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