Go Beyond Expectation

Going beyond expectations will go along way. That little extra effort shows you care. That little extra effort leaves a lasting impression. That little extra effort will get your customers talking to friends. This is where referrals are made. Below is a list of 12 ways you can amaze your customers.


1. Student features on social media

Create daily Facebook and Instagram posts of pics and 30-60 second videos featuring students playing music. Email the parents of the student that their child has been featured on your page and to “share the post so all your
friends and family can see what a great job Johnny is doing. Perhaps this video will inspire another child to want to play music” Listen to this podcast from Music Lesson Business Academy for more details about this approach.


2. Candy bowl or drawer

My grandmother had a candy drawer. A not-so-secret stash of M&M’s. The anticipation in the car ride to her house was significant. Something as simple as candy bowl or drawer will build excitement for students each time they step into your studio.


3. Halloween dress up

Halloween is a great opportunity to add a little fun and create a sense of community. You can easily tie this in with social media efforts. Offer prices for best costume. Most creative costume etc. This makes for great Instagram content and helps create community in your studio.


4. Welcome sign for new students

First contact is an exciting moment for a new student. They’re filled with excitement and perhaps anxiety. Today is the beginning of their musical life. Show them you’re excited too. Signage featuring their name and even pic goes a long way


5. Saturday night social events

Social nights always make a memorable, community building experience. I’ve hosted movie nights, jam sessions and open mics at my school. Make the evening even more fun by adding pizza, trivia,  a raffle or games with prizes. I bet your competition isn’t doing anything like this.


6. Student wall of fame

Create different levels of musical achievement for your students. Define an elite advanced level. Add a students photo to your “Wall of Fame” once they become a part of this exclusive club. Post photo with students name and year.


7. Drip email for new students

Don’t know what drip email is? Google it before reading on. A customer is most excited about your service at the point of sale. It’s a new relationship full of potential.  A drip email campaign that stretches out over a period of 6-9 months can help your customers stay connected to that feeling of excitement and better understand your core message. This will require engaging copy so perhaps hire a copy writer on Fivver for help.  Keep your email focused on the customer’s child.


8. Student birthdays

This is the low hanging fruit of enhanced customer experience. A phone call, a card or a gift will leave a lasting impression. Make it special and personalized. Avoid an automated email.


9. Bar/bat mitzvah Card

If a student mentions they are Hebrew school that means they are studying for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah at age 13. Orthodox Jewish girls will have theirs at age 12.  Ask when his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah is. Note the date and year in google calendar. Mail them a “Mazal Tov” card the Tuesday before the big day. Walgreens sometimes carries Bar and Bat Mitzvah cards. Go to Hallmark.com to order some cards to keep on hand.


10. Discover parents interests

Make a note of a parents interest. Example. a mom mentions she has a yoga class.  You now have a way to connect with her. Send mom (2 weeks later) a link to an interesting article on yoga.”I read this blog on yoga. Thought this might of interest”


11. Hospitalized or sick student

Do something special if a student breaks a bone or is hospitalized. Send a gift to the hospital or make a home visit with some goodies. Instructor/Band/class members can make a video saying “we miss you, get well soon”.


12. Reach out to a student when they least expect it

Keep a spreadsheet of all your students. Make a point a call each one, one-time over the course of a year to see how things are going. Have one or two set questions you’ll ask them. Leave a message on their phone if they don’t pick up.


Want to add to the list? Comment on ways you enhance customer experience.


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