Classes to Grow Your Music School

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Grow Your Music School With Group Classes

What if you could offer a group class both kids and parents prefer over private lessons? What if you could offer a group class that offered a classroom and performance experience that could never be replicated in a private lesson?  Your students would be happier and your music school would be much more profitable!

We offer plug-and-play music programs that allow children to learn how to play an instrument in a real performing band.

Kids as young as 4 are able to experience the thrill of playing in a band on day 1. Dance, gymnastics, and after-school sports allow kids to experience the thrill of the group or the team on day 1. Why can't music schools do the same?

Our ensemble programs Kidzrock, Jr. Rockerz, and Piano Jam have helped music schools grow by as much as 30% by making learning an instrument a fun, social, and performance-oriented activity.  

Adding Kidzrock, we’re seeing 20-25 kids per eight-week session. So every eight weeks, we’re seeing an insert of kids we wouldn’t have seen without the Kidzrock program.
Brian Vaccaro - Mozingo Music
I easily pay for the licensing in one month of classes. The remaining 11 months is pure profit for my studio. These programs are completely turn-key. It was a no-brainer for us.
Danny Thompson - The Music Factory
We've experienced 30% growth as a result of these programs We just learned the system and utilized the marketing materials. We saw instant results
Tom Lelyo - The Music Compound